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Why Is Encrypting Wireless Network Important?

Wireless Network

When you have a high-speed net connection in the shape of DSL or any cable, probabilities are, you’ve bought a wi-fi-capable router so you can connect to the net through your tab, laptop, Android phone, or some other wifi-enabled gadget you have in use. Few of you may be using a wi-fi router that is 3+ years old. After Installation of these devices, these are tended to be forgotten. After it is installed, it is just kind of a thing, keep for the time that needs you to reboot it. When you first installed your wi-fi router, did you turn on encryption so that a password should be required to get entry to your wireless community?

Wireless Network System

A step by step guide is given below to check whether your wireless network is encrypted or not:

1.Open your Android phone wi-fi network settings and look for your wireless network’s name (also known as SSID) in available networks.

2.In the second step, check whether your wi-fi network has a lock symbol next to it, if yes, then at least you are using basic encryption to your network. After knowing encryption setting of your network, check which form of wireless encryption you have.

3.Now check your wi-fi network setting that what kind of wireless security is being used to secure your network. You will see either “WPA,” “WPA2” “WEP,”, or something else similar to these. If you see anything other than WPA2, you should have to change the encryption configuration of your wi-fi router or purchase a new wireless device if your current router is too old and can’t be upgraded to WPA2.  TL WN722n Driver

Why Encryption is necessary & Encryption WEP is Weak:

When you are using the wireless network without any encryption enabled, all the people around you can steal your internet connection speed free of cost for which you are paying a constant bill for it. Due to more people using and sharing the same network, you will face the low net speed for your personal use. It is recommended to encrypt your wireless network always enabled for a better experience.

Only a few years back, WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) was common for the protection of wireless networks. WEP was ultimately cracked and is now effortlessly bypassed by way of simple hacking thanks to cracking tools available online. After WEP, Wireless Protected Access (WPA) introduced. It too had flaws and was upgraded to WPA2. WPA2 is also not an ultimate solution. However, it is so far, the best available offering for the security of home-based wi-fi networks.

In case you setup your wi-fi router many years ago then you may be the usage of one of the old hackable encryption schemes like WEP or WPA. You must recall converting/upgrading to WPA2.

You can enable WPA2 encryption on your wi-fi router yourself also. If you like to change the encryption of your wireless networks yourself, then you can check the tutorials online on YouTube. For this, you should know the username and password of your wireless networking device.  After updating all, you should regularly check updates for your router firmware updates. The updated firmware may also have new security features as well.