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Easy Cookie Clicker Tutorial For Beginners

Easy Cookie Clicker Tutorial For Beginners

In the year 2013, a French programmer has reformed the entire world of video games. He had invented the Cookie Clicker which is an incremental game that obtains badges and levels only by clicking on it.

Easy Cookie Clicker Tutorial

An interesting feature of this game is that it uses cookies to purchase the things. This game is hugely popular all over the world, so different cheats and consoles are also there to hack the game.

Those who have heard much about but doesn’t know how to play should read this article.

How to Play Cookie Clickers?

Open the game and click on a cookie which will give you another cookie. When you have started tabbing on it, you will see a browser on the right side that will notify you that now you can purchase a cursor. The purpose of the cursor is to click on your behalf after every ten seconds. If you got the ability to buy a cursor, you would automatically upgrade to another level. Now you can purchase a grandma who will mechanically bake the cookies for you. Keep in mind one thing that by acquiring more than one grandmas, the cookies will cook faster. When you obtain one grandma, it will become costly for you to buy another one. Now you can expand your empire with acquiring buildings, farms, factories, labs, etc.

What are Buildings?

Buildings are the basis of cookie clickers which you can buy with the help of spending cookie currency. They also assist in speeding up the whole baking process and enhancing the prices. The current version has got 14 different buildings, and each of them consists of eight various upgrades. These include

  1.    Cursor
  2.    Grandma
  3.    Farm
  4.    Mine
  5.    Factory
  6.    Bank
  7.    Temple
  8.    Wizard Tower
  9.    Ship
  10.    Alchemy Lab
  11.    Portal
  12.    Time Machine
  13.    Condenser
  14.    Prism

What is Milk?

Milk is another treasured thing of the game that is used to boost the speed of cookie production percentage. You can get it easily by unlocking any of the non-shadow achievement you got in the game. When you achieve a level or badge, it will increase by 4%. Whenever milk percentage gains a new hundred, its color will change. This alteration of color has not effect on the cooking yielding. There are total ten colors of milk in the game.

What is an Achievement?

When in the game, you obtained a new badge and upgraded to another level, this is known as an achievement. There is a total of 252 standard achievements that we can found in the game. Four shadow achievements are also there which gives you a benefit when you get all of them.

What is Golden Cookie?

After the up gradation of the game in 2016, a new feature added where a cookie appears for a few seconds. You will gain new score or more cookies if you get an opportunity to click it. This thing is known as golden cookie because it is also valuable and uncommon.