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Best Tele Marketing Practices to set an appointment for Insurance Agency

Viable in profile appointments are created with Insurance agent telemarketing. When Web meetings are not possible, such appointments may be on site, web meeting based or conference call appointments  are to be used.

Under telemarketing an insurance Agent plead with perspective customer to buy products or services over phone or through subsequent face to face web conferencing appointment fixed during the call. Some of the important best practices are narrated here under.
insurance agent marketing

  • Ask questions
  • Determine the type of meeting like on line, phone, on-site etc.
  • Time and date and place of appointment may be fixed.
  • Contact information correctness may be checked
  • Outlook calendar invitation may be sent for the appointment.
  • Research the customer prospects by checking their website
  • Prepare for the meeting
  • A day prior to the meeting send a reminder email
  • Present yourself early to know meeting is on site or not.

Clarify your prospect before setting your appointment.  Find out the importance of appointment efficacy, target, volume, market and Commission. It depends on the approach,  method adopted and the way of approach to the specific market target and tools used.

   It is beneficial to utilise experienced callers for value position of the agency to the target prospect correctly.

Telemarketing will be successful, mutually beneficial between the customer and Insurance Agent when properly dealt with in the sale of the Insurance product.  It gives an opportunity to communicate to have a closer relationship in a very personal manner with the customer. Instant interaction and complete resolution to give an offer they appreciate and get value from the product or service.

insurance agent marketingOut Bound Calling

In out bound calling it is necessary to take advantage of timely and tailored, relevant communications. Use of customer liaison, enquiry management, building rapport, taking orders, coverage of vacant territory, new product launch, promotional support, enquiry management are key telephone account  management techniques.

In order to promote insurance products offer, customer satisfaction feedback and ways to improve service is necessary. The insurance agent has to identify to whom, why and when a particular service or product is relevant.

Sales and Customer relationship Management

Seeking customer feedback and ways to improve overall service gain qualitative and quantitative results. In order to improve sales, customer cross-selling and up-selling reactivation of lapsed policies of the customers and existing customer’s retention are vital in building client relationship.

Place the customer at the heart in your calling process. Rights and requests are respected. It is the privilege of the customer to say no, which has to be dealt with to the satisfactory standard. The Insurance Agent practices, experience and processes are to be coordinated from the customer’s perspective.  Your standard practice should not come in the way you would find inappropriate.

Be fair and honest

Open and honest two-way communication should be the central motive to all processes and practices. Share appropriate information for excellent communication. Encourage conversation over conversion and be careful in setting timeframes. Shorter talk time will usually counterproductive and the customer should not feel hostage either. Have careful balance in building some element of flexibility in your targets coverage with the customer.